• Property Types
    Automotive retail properties

    Single tenant

    Transaction Size
    $5M to $500M

    Purchase Price
    Confirmed by third party appraisers during our due diligence process

    North America

    Due Diligence Process
    Analysis of business credit and property, traditional real estate appraisals/analysis

    Special Circumstances
    Purchase of existing net‐leased properties, build‐to‐suit projects including construction financing, multiple site programs

    Unique Capabilities
    Immediate access to funds, expeditious underwriting and closing process

    Determined by applying a rent factor to the real estate, which is derived by interest rates, dealer profitability, franchise strength and lease term. Rent increases are linked to changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI)

    Lease Terms
    Generally 15 to 25 years with renewal options

    Security Required
    Determined on financial strength of dealership group